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We develop and manage innovative housing products

Stay Ahead of the Industry

The Drwazah


Drwazah refers to Big doors and Gates through which many passersby could use at the same time. It could be used by many visitors hopeful to see the future inside as well as unlimited capabilities.


Develop & Invest

Development and investment

Building & Managing 

We develop and manage housing products. Our investment portfolio includes more than 120 projects in the various regions of the Kingdom.

Real estate Marketing

The Future of Market

We strive hard to achieve the highest rate of growth of production and Real-estate services which satisfy market needs and coincides with the accelerating growth and Investor's inspirations, all through a package of solutions specially designed for our clients in order to achieve investment revenues that satisfy the aspirations of our clients using or long experience and our extended relationships.


Real Marketing


As A product

Real estate development and construction

Functional Design

Our marketing history begins with Qasawir Construction Company since they laid the foundations, Real-estate construction and Infrastructure services in order to inject life to the building structures as well as our electrical and technical works, communication networks, maintenance, demolition, refurbishment, and renewal services , and that story ends with our digital touches in order to ensure the safety and security of our clients.

We have a distinguished group of clients in all sectors in the kingdom especially in the Northern Region where Sakaka embrace the first Qasawir unlimited projects.

Box design Factory for Modern Doors

Building the Skills of the Future

Box Design reflects the technical aspect of Drwazah Company where you meet a unique Production Line of Wooden Doors, which begins with the innovative design selection and ends with completion of the work that will be presented to the client  as an integrated identity of the architectural structure in addition to giving care to all the details which makes Box design such as environmental insulation to reduce surrounding noise and its permanent resistance to environmental factors such as moisture and water leakage, makes it  your favorite choice.


Door is First


Product Designer

Digital Drwazah

To Grow forward

Drwazah Digital was established with the aim to modernize projects and Drwazah works by supplying it with modern and state of the art services that secure safety and privacy and allows the Real-estate owner to use smart devices that offer it an opportunity to ensure the safety of the Real-estate and all other property without the need to be directly at that site. For the image to be complete, we were keen at Drwazah Digital to supply the facilities and buildings with the most up-to-date and high quality and sustainable efficiency monitoring and security techniques


The Mission

As one of the most famous Rea- estate Consultant firms, we are striving hard to provide Real Estate and housing services and innovate new solutions that cover the accelerating growth of this activity and the increasing demand for the improvement of life through the provision of sustainable housing that fulfill the needs of the aspirations of clients.

The Vision

Our vision is based on the provision of solutions that cope with the population and economic growth coinciding that with the gigantic projects of the kingdom as well as increasing the volume of house ownership, and increase the revenue of investment for enhancing the competitiveness capabilities of the Kingdom with the five countries which ranked best in living conditions around the world.





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